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Tell your story by using NFC tags, interactive paper, and Beacons. Based in the USA we offer custom NFC branding, bulk orders, starter kits, and sample NXP & MIFARE tags.

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What Our Customers are Saying

We at the Scotland Campus are making history with the first-ever use of NFC in the use of a capital campaign.  We have utilized this technology to tell a story and make it less complicated with our illustrations in an easier way and NFC is a huge part of that.

Dr. David Newell

President & CEO, Scotland Campus

It’s a great opportunity to work together on this cutting edge technology to work into bringing print and digital media.  NFC can make our labels come alive.

Garon Gembe

President, Graphics Universal

The whole park is very personal to me and I am very proud and pleased to be a part of this. I am overjoyed that we were able to implement the vision that Reverend Bill Harter had several years ago and I am excited to have created a learning environment for people of all ages with NFC.

Paul E. Cullinane

Program Coordinator, Franklin County Memorial Park

In planning for philanthropic events, charitable giving, and donor engagement, it’s a population we want to engage. Purple Deck, as a leader in the NFC and national technology movement, is the perfect business partner.

Michele Beener

President, Aspire Grant & Development

In The News

With our relationship with Arjowiggins Creative Papers, we will be able to make paper fully interactive, change content, and gather rich analytics for PowerCoat Alive users using our patent-pending TapLive™ platform.

Purple Deck Media, Inc.

Public Relations, Purple Deck Media Partners with Arjowiggins Creative Papers to Create a Powerful NFC Solution on PowerCoat paper

I predict that within the next 5 years, virtually every object that we encounter will be enabled with NFC. NFC is going to allow us to have rapid access to information that was never available to us before.

Purple Deck Media, Inc.

Public Relations, Purple Deck Media: COO Nathan Neil to Speak at VISIONFC in Dallas

Starting in the month of May, anyone who comes in to dine at Harshbarger’s Sub N’ Malt and downloads their app using the NFC sticker will be entered to win a gift card. Rhonda is confident that this incentive will bring in even more people to the restaurant.

Purple Deck Media, Inc.

Public Relations, 50’s Style Restaurant Keeps Things Interesting

After you read this, you’re going to want to throw out every business card you own. Guaranteed. Having NFC-enabled business cards shows that you and your company are on top of current trends in technology. It’s both memorable and unique.

Purple Deck Media, Inc.

Public Relations, Ditch Boring Business Cards with NFC

Dynamic NFC Management and Metrics

Our TapLive™ solution provides a cloud based management system to deploy and deliver content to NFC tags. TapLive™ can deliver a variety of information such as urls, videos, custom landing pages, polls, click-to-call, and more.

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